Things are finally getting chilly in NY. Here are some tracks for brisk walks and keeping your spirit high during Covid Winter #2. Click below for our January 2021 playlist.

I figured that I should do a post about the Indigo Waffle Plaid. It's a beautiful shirt but our typical pictures really don't do it justice. So we made some room and tried our best to capture what it looks like in real life, and styled it with a few simple looks.



We left Brooklyn to spend an afternoon in Cold Spring and enjoyed the best of an upstate road trip: antiquing, coffee and a leisurely walk, and a short hike. Here’s a few snaps from our day and there’s a video to come. In Cold Spring, we highly recommend the Foundry Cafe, if you like sandwiches with sprouts and Doug’s Pretty Good Pub. Last thing, Newburgh is a short drive away and the Newburgh Vintage Emporium is worth a look.





Rebounder is a NYC born indie pop/alternative band started by producer and writer Dylan Chenfeld and his brother Noah Chenfeld, along with Cobey Arner and Zack Kantor. We dressed up the guys in full Corridor gear for a new video collaboration - shot in the warmer months and saved until now for some late summer feels before the impending blizzard.





Joining our LA store comes our LA collection. It's a small collection but I think that it fits well for the LA winter with lightweight cotton sweaters and knit polos - warmer but not too warm. The yarns are all italian and the natural polo is made of linen/cotton blend. We worked with the brilliant Dana Veraldi to tell the story of how we envision folks live in the clothes and modeled by Mickey of White Arrows.





Prospect Park is one of those places that you can go to 100 times and still find something new. That's what happened to me with the Vale of Cashmere.

It's a relatively large area which I had somehow completely missed for years. It's split into two: one for picnicking around hi English park style hedges and the bottom, a lush, vibrant lagoon area with birds and color everywhere. So we decided to do a small shoot over there with Callan and Ambrose, and enjoy a beautiful afternoon. 



The world is still spinning, right? He's some music and some pictures so you stop clicking refresh and get outside.

We're open in Platform (Culver City) in LA. I spent the week out there driving between Home Depot, the garden shop and various flea markets. I found a lot to love at the Long Beach Flea and the Mart Collective in Venice - I highly recommend both them and if you like the store, then you'll love the fleas. We hope to see you there.