I made a small video with Pantone about how I use color and pantone in my design process. 

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Corridor uses Pantone Tools to create a more sustainable design process


Ambrose used to work at the store when we had a store before the global pandemic and has become a friend and does a decent bit of modeling for us. So, here is in for our mid season editorial wearing some good garb. I hope that you like it. We shot in this in and around our studio in the the Navy Yard in Brooklyn - Dan










The more interested I become in photography the more I want to shoot in medium format. Particularly for Corridor, I believe that it captures the feelings and the textures better than the digital cameras that I've been using, and more so than my 35mm. I've also really benefited from being quarantined inside my studio, often by myself for days at a time to play with lighting and work on the set up. 

What I'm trying to do and maybe what every photographer is trying to do is to translate what I see and feel onto paper - in this case into this journal. I mean, this is what I attempt to do with the clothing - translate my feelings and life into cloth, and I think that photography is an extension of that. That being said, I know that I am in process and the work is process - and I don't claim to be professional photographer but if I can bring the same feelings that the clothes have in person to the images, then, especially in this digital world, viewers will have a better idea of what the garment truly is. - Dan






Here's our first release our beach ready sub-line, Sunshine Blues - we asked Ambrose, a friend who used to work at our Nolita location in the pre-covid days to take some photos:






Things in Brooklyn have stayed about the same - ambulance sirens have been replaced with fireworks, but the beach is still the beach. I went out to Jones Beach a few weekends ago and found that the beach remains unchanged.






As I continue to go down the photography rabbit hole, I've found myself more and more attracted to medium format film. It mixes the tonality of film with the resolution of the digital because the negative is like 3x the size of 35mm. So rented a Mamiya rz67 from KEH (mainly because I really like the work of Minh Yu Woo) and after watching way too many tutorials and this is what came out. 






I've been making monthly playlists for years and they’re not so serious. Just the songs that have made my ears perk up in the past month. I usually listen to the list for a few weeks and then completely abandon it for a year. I hope that this gets a listen or two from you. I really love this Laraji song - it's so even and calming and really nice. 



Also, I wanted to share some images I took from a solo trip to Coonoor where I just kinda hung out, read a very dated Bill Bryson book that was on the shelf and visited some gardens. I also was chased inside by wild dogs.





This June we're donating a portion the NY NY Collection sales to the NY ACLU in support of black lives matter. We’re also demonstrating support with our bodies - these are a few snaps from a demonstration at Barclays Center.  - Dan

This is our official post: We stand in solidarity with movement for justice in the name of black lives. We will be showing up physically and will be donating 10% of sales of the NY NY collection to NY ACLU. We are here, we are showing up, and we are listening.


I've written newsletters and the copy for instagram and other parts of the brand for about 7 years now, but I think there's a lot of content and ideas that really get lost in the shuffle and I wanted to begin to surface them for folks who are interested. So, this going to be a really unofficial, somewhat less glossy version of what we're doing, what's inspiring, and a peek behind it all - but not so serious. I hope that you enjoy it.  - Dan


A few weeks ago, I biked up to the Cloisters and took some photos. 




Every six months I travel to India. The extreme jetlag is good because it wakes me up at 6am and I can go surfing. The rest of the day is spent working with the seamstresses and pattern makers to design the next season. This is a small glimpse of my day to day.


We shot Ambrose a little while back and I took some b roll shots on a Nikon FE2. We shot in our Navy Yard studio and around Brooklyn. - Dan