Sustainability / Philosophy



Corridor is inspired by color, nature, music, love, spirituality, and New York life. The ultimate goal is to bring beauty into the world by attempting to express the ineffable and oneness of the universe. As a collective of artists, we work to harmonize these elements into clothing and aim to create tools for wonder and aids for dreaming.

As a company we strive to make positive choices: from the materials, to our workshop partners, to how we treat each other and our community - our goal is that our work affects the world in a positive way. We take great pride in partnering with family run workshops worldwide and visit frequently. We believe that the love that we put into our work will reverberate and be a force for positivity and unity. 

And while these clothes are everything to us, we also understand that they are just garments - so we want you to wear them, tear them, and enjoy them like a perfect scoop of ice cream - fleeting, but tasty. 

We hope that the brand inspires you to stay creative and create beauty in your own life. We're focused on being love because WE ARE ONE - we love you, as we love ourselves - without separation. God (the Universe, Mother Earth, the Unified Field, whatever you want to call it) IS LOVE and we connect to everything through love - this is how we build a better world. Also, connecting to and through love is the way in which we bring the divine into our lives, work and design. Love is the conduit and also, the whole.

We want these clothes to help you feel like you and express who you are - for you to adorn the temple or to be as freaky as you feel, as you see fit. Corridor will continue to change because we will evolve, grow and shift and we would be privileged to share our journey with you - clothing, spirituality, and the art of life in its magic and mystery. 

Lastly, please interpret the clothes as you feel. If they are simply beautiful or useful garments to you, that's great too. Thank you for shopping or simply reading - we are grateful for you meeting us here.


Sustainability and Responsibility


Sustainability and responsibility are amongst our primary priorities. Our job is to be conscious and mindful of our choices. This is true in both our personal and professional lives. It's very important to us that the choices we make affect the world in a positive way. We work with a certified (ISO-9001) and socially accountable (SA 8000) factory in India with on-site day care, full health benefits, retirement matching, and a women’s program for rehabilitation from domestic abuse. Most of our workshops are multi-generational family run workshops in India, Peru, USA and Nepal.

Every season we spend time in our workshops and ensure that they are compliant with environmentally-friendly policies. We use as many sustainable materials as possible and have moved away from plastic usage. All shirt bags and mailers are now biodegradable and our alpaca is sustainably harvested. We are now using undyed, unprocessed, organic knits from Peru from a women-owned workshop and a family-run factory. We strive to make Corridor more environmentally friendly with each season and to take care of the people who help create the garments.

Each product has a Responsibility tab which describes where, who and how each garment was made. Please email us if you'd like any additional information.