Frederick Woodruff is an astrologer and Corridor correspondent from Vashon Island in the Puget Sound. As always, we welcome Frederick's seasonal horoscope at the turn of the quarter, this time as the summer turns over and we enjoy a beautiful autumn in New York.



The two biggest astrological events this fall are the planet Mars making an inordinately long stay in the sign Gemini. (More on this is below). And the final twang of tension between Saturn (fate) and Uranus (freedom) towards the end of September.

I wrote a long Corridor column about this Saturn Uranus collision late last year, so you might want to revisit that column to familiarize yourself with the process that’s about to conclude. This stressful planetary aspect marks how we will, finally, embrace our destiny as the year winds to a close. Decisions merge with resolutions—and life isn’t the same thereafter.

Either you get your shit together to move into the next phase of your career. Or you surrender to the fact that you’re located where you are because necessity decrees it. And then you make peace with your position.

Hint: the latter form of resignation might bring delayed depression (Saturn’s parting gift after a tangle with the routine busting Uranus). But on the flip, maybe that’s the blessing of this transit. You come to appreciate how conditions are currently arranged in your life. Right? Satisfaction is highly underrated nowadays.

But back to rambunctious Mars and the planet’s long tarry in Gemini, where it will stay for another six months.

Mars as raw energy, running untethered in Gemini—the most Mercurial and multi-tasking loving sign in the Zodiac—might be interpreted as a confused or scattershot method for accomplishing one’s goals but there’s a kind of crazy wisdom to the hyper-motion. Consider the omnibus of the sentence you just read. Very Mars in Gemini. Several insights were revealed and you could still decipher the code.

The Gemini placement requires that we think on our toes. And trust the brain synopsizes to fire when the moment is right. If you tend to procrastinate, you can work with this transit to beef up your intellect. Use the concentrated force to hunker into what you want to learn and master.

If you’re an overthinker who freezes with indecision, the Martian infusion will be something akin to when doctors prescribe Ritalin to hyperactive kids. An overabundance of mental force can blow a fuse that, eventually, allows you to settle into a mellow pace. From that new calm, a lot can be achieved. But first, there’s the storm before the chill.


Regardless of your preexisting condition, it’s a rule that scattering and over-diverting won’t accomplish much. The essence of Gemini is quick, fast, and finding the shortest distance between A and B. The sign is also super keen at sensing Mercurial ways to merge seeming opposites. A hallmark of the sign’s synthetic skills.

Trust your intellect’s ability to solve problems by engaging your hands and feet before you realize that you’re already jumping towards a goal. As the Buddhists say: “First thought, best thought.”

Viewed through a global lens, this transit is nature’s way of, hopefully, rekindling our humanity by bridging the widening ideological gap that’s rending the sociopolitical culture.

During the next six months, there is an opportunity for us to return to our commonality. Or at least remember it. As I’ve written on my Substack, the cultural rift we are caught in relates more to class differences than the political disparities over-dramatized by the media.

Here are key pointers for your Sun sign to move with grace into the season ahead:

ARIES: Your focus continues to be on what Sigmund Freud defined as life’s two primary goals: Love and work. Use the new season to clarify and strengthen both. The way of the ram rarely involves dividing your attention because you like to do things in an all-or-nothing way. But the close of this year is bound to be different. You must give equal attention to both zones of your life to succeed.

TAURUS: The philosopher Goethe once said that what we are attracted to ends up defining our life and dreams. He wrote: “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Make this your motto for the fall. Give special attention to how your relationships hinder or assist in your drive for security. Let go of what isn’t working and love more of what is.

GEMINI: You’re the figurehead for this season’s long Mars transit as the planet awakens your house of self-expression. This means pushing a core creative project front and center. Vitality and vigor are increased when you forge a conscious acknowledgment of your unique qualities. Find as many ways as possible to communicate and share your gifts, this is your season to network and shine.


CANCER: Crabs are known for being shy and reserved, but this is a tactic to better win their way. Have you ever watched a crab get what it wants? And then not let go. Wow. This autumn is your season to see, seize and savor. Forget the notion that you’re being selfish, it’s far better to let others know where you’re coming from (and what you want) so they can get out of your way. Or assist you with your quest.

LEO: Here’s the magic phrase that always worked for designer Coco Chanel: “Be someone, not something.” This fall is the season you discover how self-knowledge and freedom work together. But you must be willing to experiment and step outside of tried and true pastimes. This might mean returning to school. Or therapy. Whatever it takes to support insight and wisdom, commit to the process this fall. The quickness of your mileage will sustain you and keep you enthused.

VIRGO: This fall, you’ll want to consider exploring the supernatural, mystical or spiritual for the inspiration you need to remain centered and on point. Important insights arrive via unlikely sources. Practice setting your skepticism aside and experiment with unique modes of perceiving reality. As the most intellectual of the earth signs, your intimate relationship with the natural world can remind you regularly of what Heraclitus taught us: “Panta rhei” Everything flows.

LIBRA: Here’s a secret about Libra people: They are fighters in the disguise of gentlemen and gentlewomen. Remember, there are two sides to the scales. And you’re ready to let the less refined side of your nature out of the closet. Become more assertive and forthright. Affairs on the home front demand the kind of clarity and good judgment you’re known for. Don’t edit your feedback.

SCORPIO: Emerson’s incisiveness is the sort of truth-telling that Scorpio folks find attractive. Think about his words this season as you pull together another facet of your total makeover: “Live to the real future by living to the real present.” Facts and sound planning is what move you forward during the fall. Use your intense emotional tenacity to stick to the plan and see it to a rich conclusion.

SAGITTARIUS: I’ll suggest that you bring a lighter touch to all of your undertakings in the new season. Keep your good sense of humor front and center. Be ready for a bumpy ride as Mars moves to oppose your Sun during the next six months. But this infusion of energy can do a lot to expand your vision. When you’re forced to see another person’s point of view your vision expands exponentially. Suddenly you’re seeing the world in a brand new way.

CAPRICORN: How about this bit of wisdom from Sarah Bernhardt? “Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.” With Pluto in your sign for seemingly forever, you’ve been flirting with pulling all the stops. Now’s the time to do it. Mars opens the door to wisdom and higher learning, so if you feel like returning to school or gaining more knowledge of your favorite subject, find a way to meet this need.

AQUARIUS: I’ve one directive for you this autumn, and that’s: socialize. Without friendship or a strong connection to your community, Aquarians become sluggish and cynical. Come October, Venus, the planetary power of magnetism and charm, gives you a special dose of chutzpah to lubricate your social drive. Comfort and camaraderie become synonymous. Make the most of this jovial lilt.

PISCES: You’ve become a mascot for one of Shakespeare’s famous sayings: “We are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our little life is rounded with sleep.” The fall is about tempering your fantasies by aligning with your partner’s drive to accomplish specific goals. The recipe? You provide the inspiration, and he or she can help harness your double-seated cart to the right horse. Enjoy the ride!

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