The more interested I become in photography the more I want to shoot in medium format. Particularly for Corridor, I believe that it captures the feelings and the textures better than the digital cameras that I've been using, and more so than my 35mm. I've also really benefited from being quarantined inside my studio, often by myself for days at a time to play with lighting and work on the set up. 

What I'm trying to do and maybe what every photographer is trying to do is to translate what I see and feel onto paper - in this case into this journal. I mean, this is what I attempt to do with the clothing - translate my feelings and life into cloth, and I think that photography is an extension of that. That being said, I know that I am in process and the work is process - and I don't claim to be professional photographer but if I can bring the same feelings that the clothes have in person to the images, then, especially in this digital world, viewers will have a better idea of what the garment truly is. - Dan