I think that the quarantine has made us all look at the walls, furnishings and dusty corners of our apartments a little bit more. I mean, we've been home and mostly just that. So it's no surprise that home goods sales and interior design are booming. I think that it's particularly important to city dwellers because there's no space to play and we want what little space we have to be perfect. 

I don't quite remember how I came to know Jonny Ribeiro (IG: choloclown), but I was immediately drawn to his intrinsic use of color and blending of southwestern, Americana, and primitivist styles into something unique, organic and beautiful. So we asked to shoot Jonny in a few looks in his gorgeous apartment as inspiration for our homes.

Luckily, we had been trying to find a project for  Mikael Kennedy to shoot and these guys were already friends, so the stars aligned and here are the snaps.