Career OLD

      Wholesale Representative - NY 

      We are currently seeking a full time Wholesale Representative with prior experience, specifically in all aspects of the wholesale business, for our Studio in NY. 

      The Wholesale Representative will partner with the Sales Director and Assistant Sales Representative to maintain and expand the Wholesale arm of the company. The Wholesale Representative will continue to service our long-standing partners while strategically expanding the business globally through strong salesmanship and organization. 

      They will be responsible for assisting the Sales Director with the following:

      • Excellent background in sales
      • Proficiency in verbal and written communication skills
      • Achieving sales goals
      • Highly organized across internal sales tools
      • Daily maintenance of Wholesale relationships
      • Visual Merchandising


      • Understanding of the brand and market
      • Reliable, responsible, and professional
      • Entrepreneurial spirit
      • Deadline-driven
      • Client book of relationships
      • Strong attention to detail, ability to multitask
      • Excellent problem solving skills
      • Working knowledge of Excel, Office, and ERP systems such as Apparel Magic.

        To be considered, please email with a cover letter and CV. Email us with the following subject line "Name - Role You're Applying For". Please only apply if you are able to work in, or, are based, in New York.


        Part Time/Full Time Sales Associate - LA / NY 


        We are currently seeking a Part Time Sales Associate - LA / NY with prior sales and customer service experience for both our retail stores located in the New York or Brooklyn area.

        As a leader in our stores, the Part Time Sales Associate - LA / NY will partner with their Retail Manager to inspire and motivate their sales team to create memorable and high level and authentic experiences for their customers. The Keyholder/Sales Lead will establish their store as a part of the local community through unique events and relationships with their neighborhood and customers with a heavy focus to being the point Sales Leader on the sales floor.

        Additionally, they will be responsible for assisting the Retail Manager with the following:

        • Driving sales through a hands-on approach
        • Ensuring ongoing PK and Sales training
        • Assisting customers and maintaining top notch customer service
        • In-store event planning
        • Creating a visually enticing environment
        • Ensuring operational excellence
        • Achieving sales goals
        • Desired Skills
        • A strong background in sales and customer service
        • Excellent problem solving skills
        • A proven track record of delivering results
        • Visual merchandising or related fashion experience
        • Personal accountability
        • Strong verbal and written communication skills


          • Must be able to work up to 5 days a week, weekends, holidays, and peak times.

          Please send your resume to 


          Paid Studio Intern

          Part Time or Full Time

          The General Intern will assist in all daily duties at Corridor.

          Responsibilities and Exposure

          • Assist in Customer Service
          • Assist in shipping
          • Help in studio and showroom to assist with daily operations, upkeep and maintenance: general tidying and spot cleaning
          • Assisting during market to prepare samples for showcasing
          • Market research
          • Comfortable visiting and communicating with retail locations
          • Extremely organized, self-motivated and hard-working with the ability to multitask
          • Take on additional projects, as necessary, including some physically demanding tasks (lifting boxes, transferring samples to trade shows, etc)


            • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
            • Working knowledge of Excel and Office
            • Strong written and verbal communication skills *highly organized and deadline-driven
            • Strong attention to detail, ability to multitask
            • Reliable, responsible, and professional
              To be considered, please email with a cover letter, CV, portfolio and a Corridor based moodboard. Please do not use our pictures in your moodboard. Email us with the following subject line "Name - Role You're Applying For". Please only apply if you are able to work in / based in New York.